Cimpanzeii fac politica – dar nu si policy

Cimpanzeii fac politica, chiar una complexa. Asa au stabilit studiile etologilor, sintetizate in Freedman, Strategy: a History (Oxford Univ Press), 2013. Best of the best. Asta inseamna capacitate selectata genetic de a avea viata complexa in/intre grupuri, bazata nu doar pe forta brutra, dar si pe cooperare, construire de aliante pentru erodarea puterii unui lider […]

Trogloditii din Constanta

Ptolemeu a avut dreptate: jud Constanta e stapanit de trogloditi, care s-au intercalat printre geti, dupa cum arata aceasta harta antica recopiata in Amsterdam pe la 1600. Deci nu e vorba doar de administratia locala actuala sau scolile de vara ale partidelor ce tocmai s-au incheiat, nici de turismul estival prin sindicate. Pare sa fie […]

The Wall: muzica geniala, text tembel

Roger Waters / The Wall, this evening in Bucharest. The concert of a lifetime. The titans of rock of the ’70s: great music, silly ideas and lyrics, like John Lennon & the rest. Just listen to the music and forget about the message, social or otherwise, their childish view on human nature, education, religion, etc. Artists […]

Homer la Holywood

L’exception culturelle. Funny the whole talk in Europe these days about l’exception culturelle, i.e. protecting the film industry from free competition, unless Hollywood floods us with mind-numbing stories with schematic characters giving chase and butchering each other. When the whole culture of Europe is originating in precisely the ultimate bloody blockbuster: THE ILIAD

The best times ever

EUROPA, de departe cel mai bun loc de trait, ever. Zice Simon Kuper, editorialistul meu favorit in FT (comentator sportiv la origini, ca sa vedeti diferenta de clasa fata de paleoliticii nostri). Citez „Europe is having a terrible time – except compared with probably every other continent and any time in history”. De distribuit tuturor […]

Prescient statue of austerity policy

German woman beating fallen Greek man (Portuguese, Italian ?) about the head with oversized euro. Agitprop statue in front of the EU Parliament in rue Wiertz, full of naked, gender-imbalanced symbolism. Or maybe somebody had known something long ago?

The cats of Pera

Turks are cat people, at least in Istanbul, no doubt about that. At least one in every shop. Apparently because there are so many fish restaurants around. While we in Bucharest have dogs, at least one for every block. Does it mean we are all dog people? Mice people? Of mice and men? Anyway, cats […]

Radicalismul centrist, solutia corecta

Excelent articol in The Economist, care spune cateva adevaruri simple si luminoase pe care ar fi bine sa le invete si dreapta romana pentru campania electorala. (1) Statul bunastarii de tip occidental nu poate fi solutia la criza, pentru ca e la fel de vinovat pentru ea ca si piata. El nu transfera doar celor […]

Kitsch in Bucuresti: original si replica

Dubbed „dog with scarf”, this is an example of street-level modernism turned into Balkan kitsch. Subtle in its (ethnocentric) symbolism like a bazooka, it was unveiled in front of the History Museum by the flamboyant mayor of Bucharest, Sorin Oprescu, just weeks before local elections. By a deceased artist of Moldovan origin, the group has […]

Femeile sunt mai terifiante decat barbatii

Lucy Kellaway in forma maxima in FT: The female of the species is more scary than the male. Last week I went to a party given by an old university friend. It was a jolly enough event, full of people I’ve known for more than 30 years. But as I left, I realised something strange: my […]