Femeile sunt mai terifiante decat barbatii

Lucy Kellaway in forma maxima in FT: The female of the species is more scary than the male. Last week I went to a party given by an old university friend. It was a jolly enough event, full of people I’ve known for more than 30 years. But as I left, I realised something strange: my […]

Tao of travel

All right, I come clean: I like to tavel. Who doesn’t? In fact, I know a few… But if you got the bug, I start here a series of travel gems from a splendid book I have just discovered. „The great unstated reason for travel is to find places that exemplify where one has been […]

Eşecul POS-DRU era previzibil de la început

După modul cum a fost conceput, POS-DRU n-ar fi dat rezultate nici dacă era administrat de suedezi. Parcă niciunul dintre cele şapte programe operaţionale sectoriale (POS) pe care a fost organizată asistenţa UE la noi în ţară nu e atât de contestabil precum cel pentru Dezvoltarea Resurselor Umane (POS-DRU, gestionat de Ministerul Muncii). Nu e […]